PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY VA--Fire / EMS & Emergency Management--STation 8

Prince George Emergency Crew

2017 installation baquet

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our 46th Annual

Installation Banquet


norman macarthur

Jon Cliborne, is a Captain in charge of  Recruitment/Retention and serves as the Crew Public Information Officer (PIO.)  He oversees all functions of new member orientation.  He also works to foster ideas and program to both recruit new members and keep existing members engaged with the organization.  As PIO, he disseminates information about the Crew to the public and the media.

Captain Cliborne has been with Prince George Fire/EMS-since 2012. Captain Cliborne is currently the Public Information Officer for the Emergency Crew. He is currently employed as the Executive Director of Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy.  

Norman MacArthur, the Chief has general supervision of all Crew activities.  He presides at all meetings of the Crew.  He serves as the Crews representative to the Board of Trustees; this includes a bi-monthly operations and financial report to the Board.  He appoints all Officers that serve with him and appoints all Sergeant

Chief MacArthur has been a member of Prince George Fire/EMS- Emergency Crew since 2011. During his tenure he has held every rank in the organization. Currently Chief MacArthur is an ALS provider. He manages the overall efforts of the organization to include budget preparation and grant initiatives. Chief MacArthur is also employed full time with Dominion Virginia Power as an Energy Trader. 

The Prince George Emergency Crew elects a Chief from their membership.  The Chief is a highly qualified EMS provider who then slects his or her Executive Board to assist them with the management of the organizatiion.  This is the 2017 Executive Board

Will Robinson, the Deputy Chief-Operations, is in charge of all Operational issues.  In the absence of the Chief and Deputy Chief of Services he will serve in the role of Chief for the Crew.

Deputy Chief Robinson has been with Prince George Fire/EMS- Emergency Crew for 26 years. During his time, Chief Robinson has held every rank in the organization including Chief, until 2011. Chief Robinson is responsible for the daily operations of the station and continues to be an asset to PGEC. Currently Chief Robinson is an ALS provider. Chief Robinson is retired from Ashland Chemical, formally Hercules Inc. 

Audie Pettaway, the Deputy Chief-Services, is in charge of Administrative and Financial activities.  He forwards all bill and financial correspondence matters to the Board of Trustees.  In the absence of the Chief he will serve in the role of Chief for the Crew as well as representative to the Board of Trustees.

Deputy Chief Pettaway has been a member of Prince George Fire/EMS- Emergency Crew for 35 years. During his career, Chief Pettaway was also a career provider prior to his retirement in 2012. Back as a volunteer, he is responsible for overseeing finances, training, and equipment procurment. Currently Chief Pettaway works part time with Petersburg Fire and is a Critical Care Paramedic.

legal representative

tracy taliaffero, esq.

Clarence Thweatt serves as the Chaplain.  As such he conducts all religious functions of the Crew.  The Chaplain sends cards of sympathy and good will to the “Crew family.”  The Chaplain also sends notices of sympathy and hospitalization to the “Crew family” and local Public Service community members.  The Chaplain keeps the Chaplain of the VAVRS informed when appropriate.

operational medical director

Dr. Eric bachrach , m.d.

Krystal Wood, the Administrative Services Lieutenant maintains the Duty Roster and provides for additional scheduling of personnel for Special Events and Disasters.  She also coordinates the functions of the Junior Crew.

Lieutenant Wood is currently in charge of scheduling and public outreach for the station. She ensures that our staffing needs are met and prepares for public education events throughout the county.

This position is currently vacant.

 The BOG representative represents the Crew at all VAVRS functions.  They have the power to cast a vote in the Crews best interest.  The BOG representative shall report back to the Crew all business transacted at VARS on behalf of the Crew.

Note, that our BOG Representative Jerry Skalsky recently vacated this position.  He served as BOG Representative for forty years, a VAVRS state record


nakia james

logistics sergeant

joshua hannah

Dr. Bachrach serves as the Operational Medical Directors for all of Prince George Fire and EMS.

administrative services lieutenant

 krystal wood

Tracy Taliaferro is the Crews legal Representative.  He serves the Board of Trustees to provide legal guidance and support.

Nakia James is the the Training Captain.  This Captain oversees all training activities and shall be knowledgeable of all equipment in the Crew’s inventory.

Captain James has been with Prince George Fire/EMS- Emegency Crew for 25 years. Captain James has held every rank within the department and is a Critical Care Paramedic. His current responsiblities are managing training for our membership. Currently, Captain James is employed by Richmond City Schools and is also an EMT instructor.

DEputy chief--services 

audie pettaway

board of governors representative


Saul Mijangos serves as the the Logistics Lieutenant.  As such he oversees the ordering and availability of all supplies.  This Lieutenant has general supervision of maintenance and equipment.  They also have authority to allocate care of certain equipment to Crew members; maintaining a record of all issued items.

Lieutenant Mijangos has been with Prince George Fire/EMS- Emergency Crew since 2013. Lieutenant Mijangos is currently in charge of Logistic for the station. He ensures that our fleet and equipment are ready for service on a daily basis. Lieutenant Mijangos currently works full time for Delta Medical transport service and Richmond Ambulance Authority as a Paramedic. 

logistics lieutenant

saul mijangos

Joshua Hannah is the Logistics Sergeant.  As such he asissts the Logistics Lieuetenant with their duties


clarence thweatt

DEputy chief--operations 

will robinson


j. cliborne

EXEcutive Board

Crew leadership