PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY VA--Fire / EMS & Emergency Management--STation 8

Prince George Emergency Crew

 The Prince George Emergency Crew has the benefit of having a Board of Trustees.  The Board consists of twelve (12) members who each serve a three year term.  The members who serve on the Board are trusted respected members of the community who truly care and want to make a difference. 
They have special gifts and talents and this is a way that they can give back to the Prince George community the efforts of the Volunteer Crew.  The Board is responsible for the general welfare and development of the Crew. 
They act in an advisory capacity on matters pertaining to the Crew.  They are responsible for the Crew finances and duties as outlined in the by-laws and Standard operating procedures.elects a Chief from their membership. 

Board of trustees

Crew leadership

paul hamby

floyd brown

clarence thweatt

sheila minor

dallas weston

william ramsey

linda newman

kathy petik

bill barnes

tim webb

mark payne 

board of trustees--treasurer 

dorothy hines

Additional Bios and information coming soon, check back.

board of trustees--Officers

board of trustees--vice president 

to be detrermined

Mrs. Hines is currently the Assistant Manager of the Prince George Branch of the Bank of Southside Virginia.  Her Father Dan Tomo was a charter member of the Crew.  Her mother Vera was a Charter Member of the Crew Ladies Auxiliary; as such Dorothy grew up as a "crew kid."

2017 installation baquet

See some photos from

our 46th Annual

Installation Banquet

board of trustees--president 

to be detrermined

board of trustees--secretary 

to be detrermined

board of trustees--members