PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY VA--Fire / EMS & Emergency Management--STation 8

Prince George Emergency Crew

The Prince George Emergency Crew Prince George Emergency Crew responds to calls for Emergency Medical Services in Prince George County and other area jurisdictions for mutual aid.

We have a compliment of ALS and BLS transport and Quick Response units staffed by well trained volunteer and career staff. It is our goal to provide excellence in service through training and continuing education.

Prince George Emergency Crew also responds to calls for fire suppression in Prince George County. Though not our main objective as an EMS station, we have the capability to respond with an engine when necessary. Engine 8 is also a EMS licensed apparatus.    

DEputy chief--operations 

will robinson

Will Robinson, the Deputy Chief-Operations, is in charge of all Operational issues.  In the absence of the Chief and Deputy Chief of Services he will serve in the role of Chief for the Crew.

prince george emergency crew